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Supplier Climate Pledge

Sustainably Feed And Nourish Families Around The World. Join Us!

Leprino Foods views Global Responsibility as a guidepost for our uncompromising ethical commitment to our stakeholders and society at large. Simply put, it’s our commitment to doing things the right way.

Leprino Global Responsibility logo

In support of our ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals, we’ve designed the Leprino Foods Supplier Climate Pledge Program – a way for Leprino Foods to:

  • Catalyze proactive and positive change
  • Lead in environmental sustainability
  • Enable our suppliers to join us in our climate action journey

We believe that together we can have a big impact in supporting an obligation to limit climate change, demonstrating leadership and delivering on GHG reduction commitments.

The Leprino Pledge

The Pledge

Work with Leprino Foods Company to achieve at least 30% intensity reduction in GHG emissions by 2030.

Why Pledge with Leprino Foods Company?

Because We Must, and Can, All Be:

Moving From Awareness To Action

Joining In Collective Pledges

Working Collaboratively

Advancing The Purpose

By pledging, your company will be added to a community of Leprino Foods Company climate-conscious suppliers positioning themselves to be leaders in demonstrating a commitment to reducing the greenhouse gas footprint of their own value chains.
Supplier commitment

What’s Your Commitment?

In signing up, our suppliers agree to join us and pledge a short-term goal of 30% emission reductions by 2030 as well as:

  • Annual Reporting – Measure and report on GHG emissions and reductions
  • Engagement – Participate in annual Request for Information and from time-to-time engage in benchmarking and education, collaborating to identify, assess, understand and prioritize future opportunities
  • Emission Reduction Strategies – Implement decarbonization strategies