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Supply Chain Responsibility

Our commitment to promote and ensure responsible practices is evident throughout our supply chain.

Responsible Procurement

We cultivate long-term, mutually beneficial supplier relationships based on shared values, high standards and a strong commitment to responsible and sustainable management practices.

Managing and Sourcing Procurement

As a key aspect of our supply chain excellence strategies, responsible procurement is aligned with our Leprino Quality management system. We prioritize responsible sourcing and procurement by considering strategic significance, spend and associated risks. Our milk supply is our highest priority. We focus on these key areas:

Supplier assessment and evaluation

Supplier selection and verification follow our comprehensive policies and procedures, including our Supplier Code of Conduct. Critical areas of the assessment include quality and food safety and animal care for our milk supply. Suppliers receive our supplier expectations, and we monitor performance through reviews of a scorecard, audits and inspections.

Integrating Global Responsibility

We include sustainability considerations in our requests for proposals (RFPs) and requests for information (RFIs) to understand supplier commitments to sustainability and weighted factors based on environmental aspects, such as fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions.

“Leprino continues to be an important partner to DFA and its farmer-owners as we work to accelerate the adoption of on-farm conservation practices that support our shared goal of GHG emissions reductions. With Leprino, we are working to ensure farms of all sizes and production styles have access to information, innovative tools, technical guidance and other needed support to drive environmental performance while delivering dairy nutrition to global consumers.
“Ensuring ethical and responsible conduct is essential in all of our supplier partner relationships. This means we must always engage in an honest, principled and respectful manner and expect the same in return. Leading with integrity in our supplier interactions is fundamental to our core values.

Supporting supplier diversity

To promote a more inclusive and equitable economy, we support small and diverse businesses across our direct and indirect supplier networks. We have a formal supplier diversity policy, and we work to increase awareness of our program, improve reporting and help suppliers get certified. Our RFPs and RFIs include questions to identify vendors that meet our criteria.

To evaluate our progress, we set annual targets for growth in spend with small and/or diverse suppliers.

Our Performance

Percentage of Addressable Spend with Diverse Suppliers

Photo courtesy of DFA

Supplier Climate Pledge

A key part of Leprino’s climate action plan includes the Leprino Foods Supplier Climate Pledge Program. Our suppliers are pledging meaningful reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Animal Care in our dairy supply

Leprino Foods and the dairy farmers with whom we partner care about and are committed to the health and welfare of dairy cows.

Man Counting Cows in factory

Ensuring excellence in animal care

Healthy, comfortable cows that are well fed and cared for will always be the best and most productive source of milk. Leprino Foods and the great farmers we work with understand the benefit of humane animal care and the importance of upholding high standards in our dairy supply.

Our Leprino Quality Animal Care Program

Since 2016, we have maintained our requirement for 100% of our U.S. milk supply to comply with the Leprino Quality Animal Care (LQAC) Program, which requires all milk suppliers to meet world-leading animal care practices and commit to ongoing animal care education. The rigorous program ensures continued responsible behavior at the farm level through:

Enrollment in a designated animal care program

Milk suppliers in the U.S. must be enrolled in the National Dairy FARM (Farmers is Assuring Responsible Management) Animal Care Program. Sourcing all our U.S. milk from FARM-enrolled farms is also a term of our adoption of the U.S. Dairy Stewardship Commitment.

Independent on-farm evaluations

Independent evaluations and herd health assessments to ensure compliance and identify areas for improvement. An oversight committee investigates instances where animal care standards do not meet LQAC Program expectations.

Annual farm employee education

Employee education and training programs, including each employee’s signed code of ethics, reinforce the importance of animal care.

Leprino Quality Animal Care
Of our U.S. milk supply complies with our leprino quality animal care program

2023 Highlights

On-Farm Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Through continued effort, in 2023 we reached statistical signifiance for all of our on-farm GHG emissions. This represents an important step in progressing towards our value-chain GHG emissions targets.