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Sharing some Good Dirt

We composted approx. 22,950 pounds of leftover pizza and ingredients in 2023.
Environmental Responsibility
Sharing some Good Dirt

After five months of composting leftover pizza and ingredients, our ECO/Wellness team began sharing “pizza dirt” with our Denver office employees in May. An initial 2,500 gallons of the special dirt was distributed just in time for the spring planting season.

By mixing this pizza dirt (or any compost) in planting beds at home, gardeners feed the soil so it can grow healthier plants and strengthen the soil’s ability to retain water, which also reduces the amount of water needed for irrigation.

At Leprino Foods, we are very conscious about our impact on the environment and make every effort to reduce food waste. We employ multiple strategies at our facilities to minimize the amount of waste that cannot be recycled or reused. As a result, less than 1% of waste gets sent to landfill.

  • In total, we composted about 450 pounds of leftover pizza and ingredients every week, for a grand total of approximately 22,950 pounds in 2023. That’s some good dirt!

composting 2,500 gallons